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The installation kit for SFM1 sap flow sensors consists of a drill guide, 10 drill bits (1.3 mm x 75 mm long) and a Micro SD Card Shuttle. Optionally we offer the following items:

  • sap flow tool software for SFM1 and HFD sensors
  • Test block-sap flow meter - Heat Ratio Method (SFM1), Functional verification standard
  • multi converter Wireless USB Radio COMS Device compatible with all ICT Wireless COMS instruments (e,g SFM-1, PSY-1, & VSI), converts RS232, RS485, SDI-12, SI8, ICT-BUS & ICT Wireless Protocols to USB
  • solar panel, 10 Watt 21 Volt complete standalone operation no cables individual solar panel per instrument
  • adapter 12V