Climate influenced by vegetation

Local climates are greatly influenced by the vegetation found there, just as vegetation is substantially influenced by the prevailing climate. This interaction is of great interest both to ecology and to meteorology. At the same time, however, it also represents specific challenges with respect to the monitoring of meteorological parameters.

This is especially the case in the area of forestry where, due to their size, trees have an enormous influence, but one which differs in spatial and temporal terms depending on the type of tree, concentration and season.

Tried and tested meteorological measurement procedures are adapted and additional parameters measured to reliably record the influence of types of vegetation on the climate.

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Litterfall trap

The litterfall trap can be used to obtain samples of fallen leaves, conifer needles, pieces of wood and seeds.

Rain gully under vegetation

The rain gully is used to establish the passage of rain through the tree crowns as basis for determining the throughfall.

Mobile roof cons- truction beneath the treetops

This individually adapted, mobile roof construction which is either manual or automatically controlled by rain sensors has been designed for targeted irrigation scenarios in forests.


The Rainmaker is a flexible overhead irrigation system for use in the field.

Stemflow meter

Using the stemflow meter it is possible to establish the water caused by this and the minerals.

Forest climate mea- surement station

This climate station has been specially designed to measure the climatic parameters influenced by vegetation.

PAR SunScan light incidence measure- ment system

The SunScan system is suitable for measuring and analysing the PAR in the leaf canopies of crops.

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