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Pulse feed system for the controlled application of water, additives and CO2
The IDS - Plant is a system for effective and resource-efficient plant care. It consists of a modular buildable application system with distribution elements and a control unit.
As required, the control unit can be designed as a portable, self-sufficient system or as a stationary control system in a control cabinet with mains supply.
The distributon elements each consist of a 200 ml reservoir with a self-opening and self-closing valve combination for inlet and outlet of the medium to be distributed. These valves have no small passages and thus don`t get clogged. Therrefore the system is also suitable for the distribution of ferrous or calcic groundwater, polluted surface water, biologically preclarified wastewater and fertilizer. Further also plant effective gases such as CO2 can be applied with the distribution elements. Additional filter systems are not necessary.
The application is carried out in a pulsed manner in three clocks: Pulse = filling clock + draining clock + pause clock During the filling clock, the medium is pumped into the reservoir by the control unit. Thereby the air in the reservoir is compacted so that an overpressure builds up in the system. When this pressure reaches the limit set on the control unit the emptying clock starts. The hose system between the reservoirs is vented so that the pressure drops. Thereby the outlet valve of the reservoir is opened and the compressed air pushes the medium out. The reservoir is completely emptied. Through this control technology all reservoirs connected by tubes open at the same time and apply the same amount of the medium independent from their position in the overall network. With the pause clocks the time for the start of the next pulse is controlled. The pause clock can be set as a given time interval or via a given tension. This way the pulse frequency can be optimally adapted to the demand of the plants.
In adjustment to the planned application the distribution elements can be designed in different ways (e.g. as jet or distributer hose).
Leakages in the system are automatically detected by the control unit instantly since in that case the designated pressure is not reached at all or not within the set time.
The system therefore offers a high dosing accuracy and high operational reliability with minimal maintenance.



  • Parallel application of water, additives and CO2
  • Low maintenance effort
  • No clogging of the distribution elements
  • No filter systems necessary
  • High dosing accuracy
  • High operational reliability
  • Instant detection of leakages
  • Universal applicability



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