Leaf physiology

The state of a plant and its reaction to environmental conditions can frequently be first perceived from the leaves, although this often only becomes actually visible after a long time. Such changes can be detected quickly using parameters such as the chlorophyll content of the leaves, the stomatal conductance, CO2 content or oxygen partial pressure.

These data are not only used to determine the current state of the plant, but also serve as a basis for optimised cultivation to substantially boost the harvest.

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LCi T photosynthesis measurement system

The LCi T is an ultra compact photosynthesis measurement system.

LCpro T advanced photosynthesis measurement system

The LCpro T is the smallest, lightest and most inexpensive system for measuring photosynthesis, permitting complete control of environmental conditions.

APR porometer

The AP4 measures the diffusion conductance by comparing the precise rate of humidification within a small cuvette to readings obtained on a calibration plate.

DUALEX Scientific+

The DUALEX SCIENTIFIC+ is a leafclip used to measure the absolute value of the chlorophyll content in µg/cm², the index of flavonol for water stress, the nitrogen status of any crop.


The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH is a fluorometer used to measure the index of chlorophyll for chlorosis, the index of flavonol for water stress, the nitrogen status of any crop, and the anthocyanin index for temperature stress or fruit maturity. 

SPAD-502Plus Chlorophyll Meter

The konica Minolta SPAD-502Plus conducts a fast measurement of the chlorophyll content in leaves without damaging the leaf.

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