General information about UGT lysimeter technology



EcoUnit (Ecotrons)

An EcoUnit is a measuring system to investigate ecosystem functions in the soil-plant-atmosphere system under defined boundary conditions.

Sampling techniques

Soil columns can be sampled with a high degree of precision and undisturbed soil structure without the use of heavy duty equipment using the unique sampling technology for mineral soils developed and patented by UGT.

Station types

There are a variety of materials to house the lysimeters for the installation of a station.

Measurement and control technology

In order to exploit the full potential of our lysimeters for comprehensive and precise data acquisition, we have also developed the requisite measurement and control technology.

Lysimeter soil retrieval technology

The technique of the Lysimeter Soil Retriever for enables studies on the heterogeneous migration of percolating water, and changes of soil structure as well as soil organic matter and biomass distribution, as well as the distribution of mycorrhiza and microbes in different depths on intact soil profiles.

Small Sized Lysimeter

Small sized lysimeters are inexpensive and can be handled and exported without large machines.

Laboratory lysimeters can also be installed by the user.

Rhizotron chambers

Rhizotron chambers are used for root zone observations and the investigation of the influence of different environmental factors on the growth and development of the plant root system.

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