Temperature and moisture Sensors

The temperature sensors introduced in this chapter are in no way purely meteorological temperature sensors. The chapter also introduces sensors for soil temperature, because the soil temperature is of great significance to processes in the soil, to the soil life (the edaphon) and to plants.

Moreover both temperatures can deliver information on the water balance.

Because air temperature and air humidity are closely related to each other, measurement equipment exists with sensor combinations that can record both of these parameters together.

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WK63 resistance thermometers

This Pt100 cable resistance thermometer is suitable for recording both soil and air temperature.

Soil temperature measurement

This soil temperature sensor is particularly characterised by its simplicity of use.

Temperature measurement on the surface of the soil

The temperature probe for measuring the temperature on the surface of the soil is installed at the desired height parallel to the soil surface using a ground spike.

Soil temperature profile measurement

The distribution of up to 8 temperature sensors at various depths facilitates an insight into the spatial development of the temperature in the soil.

Air temperature transmitter with weather and radiation protection

This device is used for precise measurement of outdoor air temperature.

Ventilated air temperature transmitter

This temperature transmitter is distinguished by a ventilated sensor element for precise air temperature measurement.

Air humidity and temperature sensor

These combined humidity and temperature sensors are compact sensors with a rod design and with a high degree of accuracy that have been specifically developed for use in the meteorological area.

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