Wind erosion sediment trap

Wind erosion sediment trap

The wind erosion sediment trap automatically records the aeolically transported sediment material. This is weighed directly in the system and then remains in the weighing dish for the subsequent investigations. The body of the system is made completely of rust free stainless steel and consists of a base, logger, accumulator and scales as well as rotatable head section with wind vane for the actual sample. The base of the system is usually installed underground in order to guarantee that the wind flow is influenced as little as possible and the apparatus is steady
The wind vane means that the head section with the inlet opening is always facing the wind direction so that the wind flows directly into the measurement system. It hits a baffle plate from which the sediment particles carried in the air fall onto the scales. The air flows out through the outlet opening located above the baffle plate. The scales weigh the cumulative sediment and this result is recorded in the internal data logger. The recorded data therefore shows both the start and intensity of an event.
Combined with a weather station, the aeolic sediment material in connection with the meteorological parameters, particularly the wind conditions, may be obtained. This provides a comprehensive picture of the wind related erosion. Using measurement points such as this, the weighing data may be recorded via the data logger of the weather station so that two loggers are not required. The energy supply is then assumed by the weather station. Usually both the wind erosion sediment trap and the weather station are supplied with power by a replacement storage battery. However, the power supply may also be provided by solar panels for autonomous operation.



  • Fully automatic recording of the aeolic sediment material
  • Samples of the sediment material for laboratory analysis



Technical data

Resolution of weighing::

0,1 g

Temporal resolution:

1 min

Energy supply:

Replaceable storage battery 12 V/10 Ah
Also solar panels on request

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