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Measure the Whole Range!

Setup of test fields in the open pit mine of Wismut GmbH, Germany, 1993-2008

Setup of run off measuring station in Campinas, Brazil, 1997

Erosion measuring plots in vine yards

UNESCO-Measuring station in the lake Stechlinsee, Germany, 2001

Techniques of measuring erosion and taking samples by erosion borne surface drains, China, 2004

Measuring techniques for the EU-project "Pro Water", Sweden, 2005

Former Uranium mining site as a part of the 2007 national horticultural exhibition BUGA - New Ronneburg Landscape

EU Level II- Plots in forest ecosystems

Flume, Technical University Munich, 2009

Holzklimaturm Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2011

Movable roof Kranzberger Forst, Technical University of Munich, Germany, 2013

Runoff monitoring in Christianenhof, Germany, 2015