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15. Mai 2024

**Coming Soon**: Picarro Gas Autosampler

Our partner Picarro is expanding its portfolio with the gas autosampler at the end of 2024. Pre-order now.

The Picarro Gas Autosampler coupled with a Picarro gas analyzer enables the automated analysis of discrete gas samples. The system has a large sample rack with 150 positions for 12 mL headspace vials, allowing analysis of up to 160 samples per day.

Its software integrates seamlessly with the Picarro analyzer software, simplifying method development and data analysis. This efficient system ensures accurate injections, minimal downtime and reliable results - ideal for high throughput gas analysis.

Compatible analyzers include the G2131-i, G2201-i, G2210-i, G2401, G2508, G5310, PI5310, G5131-i and the PI5131-i.

Advantages of the gas autosampler

  • Complete solution for the automated analysis of gas samples
  • Seamless integration with Picarro analyzers
  • Large sample rack for 150 vials

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