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Spare parts kit for easy replacement of ceramic cups or O-rings in case of a defect or during maintenance

Suitable for Tensio 100 / Tensio 150 / Tensio 160


  • 3 x spare ceramic cup SKA 100 FF (Ø 10  mm / Length 24 mm / Air entry point: > -85 kPa / Hydraulic conductivity: 8.1x10-8 m/s )
  • 3 x O-ring 5 x 2
  • 3 x O-ring 5 x 2,5
  • 1 x V2A tip
  • 1 x V2A supporting bar

This spare part kit allows to repair and maintain tensiometers with SKA 100 FF ceramic cup fast, easy and cost-efficient single-handedly. Simply screw off the tip of the tensiometer, replace the defective ceramic cup and the O-rings and supporting bar if applicable, screw the tip back on and refill the tensiometer. This repair can also be done in the field. A detailled instruction on how to replace the ceramic and the O-rings can be found in the manuals of the according tensiometers.

In-stock spare parts can thus prevent long downtimes of the tensiometers. The possibility of replacing these parts at UGT tensiometers increases the durability and sustainability of the tensiometers.