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Data logger series UGT DL-DT

Data logger DL-200

The UGT data logger DL-200 is a modular compact device with microcontroller-assisted RAM for the recording of up to 230,000 measured values thanks to an optimised data memory.

Portable field data logger DL-200 Mobil

The DL-200 Mobil offers the tried and tested modular UGT logger technology in portable form as 8-channel or 16-channel version.

Logger software UGTLOG

The accompanying software UGTLOG for logger configuration and data transfer is an ideal utilisation of the resources of the Data logger DL-200.

EASYlog Data logger

EASYlog data loggers are available as single channel data loggers for different measurement sizes.

Remote data transmission/ network connection

The optional equipping of the data logger DL-200 with a modem permits the fast and inexpensive remote transfer of data via GPRS because the data volume is very low due to the optimised memory regimen.

SVADSS - Soil Vegetation Atmosphere Data Sensor Service

SVADDS offers a unique online data management system for your measuring systems, tailored to your needs.


LysiData offers an integrated software system to meet varied and complex requirements of the (scientific) recording of measurement data.

power supply

UGT offers three versions for the power supply of data loggers and measurement instruments: mains
power supply, battery operation or solar energy systems.



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