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Data logger DL-200

The UGT data logger DL-200 is a modular compact device with microcontroller-assisted RAM for the recording of up to 230,000 measured values thanks to an optimised data memory. It is suitable for the use in lysimeters, hydrological soil measurement points, climate stations and many other applications requiring reliable automatic data acquisition - particularly with measurement points with a large number of different sensors because it is compatible with all commercially available physical, soil physical and meteorological sensors. It can also be programmed as process control system with or without logger function, whereby the modular concept ensures a  simple,  efficient and favourably priced design. If the freely adjustable measured value limits are exceeded the user can be notified by text message or email. This prevents measurement failures or even damage to the measurement technology.
The measurement cycle can be freely selected between 5 seconds and 2 h. The data can be statistically analysed directly in the logger over 15 seconds to 10 days.
The use of a 16 bit A/D transducer with real differential inputs (resolution: 15µV) permits up to 64 input channels. Up to 64 event inputs are available via the digital interface for the recording of date and time of the events precise to the second and 16 counting inputs for the time-controlled recording of numerical values (e.g. tipping counter). 4 switching outputs with up to 16 sensors per output as setpoint generator form the foundation for the use of the DL-200 for process control.
Configuration and data transfer takes place by notebook with the user-friendly software interface UGTLOG via RS232 or USB interface.



  • Large number of inputs
  • Compatible with all commercially available sensors
  • Simple handling
  • Can also be used for process control


Technical Specifications


Number of channels:      Up to56 analog inputs
64 event inputs
16 counter inputs
  8 RS485 address inputs
Interfaces:RS232 / USB
Power supply:10,5-15,0V   max 30mV
Sleep-Mode <0,1mA
Data memory:230.000 measured values
A/D transducer:16 bit resolution 15µV
Time control:Measurement cycle 5 Sek  bis 2 Stunden
Statistics: 15 Sek to 10 days
Process control:4 switching outputs open collector



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  211100    DL-200, 8-channel     
Art.-Nr.:  211200DL-200, 16-channel
Art.-Nr.:  211300DL-200, 24-channel
Art.-Nr.:  211400DL-200, 32-channel
Art.-Nr.:  211500DL-200, 40-channel
Art.-Nr.:  211600DL-200, 48-channel
Art.-Nr.:  211700DL-200, 56-channel
Art.-Nr.:  211800DL-200, 64-channel



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Storage battery

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