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Logger software UGTLOG

The accompanying software UGT-LOG for logger configuration and data transfer is an ideal utilisation of the resources of the Data logger DL-200.
This extensive software is very versatile and can therefore be exactly attuned to every logger. The user interface shows all existing modules and slots. The assignment of the slots by sensors is shown by characteristic symbols so that an overview of the current structure and assignment of the logger is provided at all times. Once the connection has been created between notebook and logger the current values of all sensors can be faded in on the user interface.
An initial analysis and graphic display can be made in UGTLOG for data which have already been read out. The data in question and the scale of the display can be freely selected. Important information on the data quality and the correct function of the sensors can therefore be obtained directly in situ and action immediately taken.  Any functional disturbances can be eliminated immediately.
The software is clear and kept deliberately simple. The creation or separation of the connection to the logger as well as the reading out or deletion of data is made by clicking on the corresponding icons. The logger parameters can also be configured in the tools menu also without any preliminary knowledge of the software.
Once purchased, the software can be used for as many loggers as required with the corresponding project files. UGT skilled personnel create the project files.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal adjustment to every logger
  • Use for several loggers possible




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