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The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH is a fluorometer used to measure the index of chlorophyll for chlorosis, the index of flavonol for water stress, the nitrogen status of any crop, and the anthocyanin index for temperature stress or fruit maturity. The stilbene index for disease detection is in option. All the measurements are real time and non-destructive.
This optical sensor has an internal GPS to do mapping or localization of the plot. It is possible to have 4 levels of classification. Two modes can be used: manual measurements or continuous measurements. Precision is ±5%. Sampling area is 50 cm². The system can store 1 million of multiparametric data.



        • Compact
        • Non-destructive measurements
        • Real-time measurements
        • Multiparametric fast measurements
        • High-sensitivity detection thanks to the fluorescence technology






        Technical Specifications

        Technical Specifications

        Measurement area:28 cm (6 cm diameter), or 12.5 cm (4 cm diameter) as an option
        Storage capacity:1 million of multiparametric measurements (512 Mo SD card)
        Dimensions:320 mm x 280 mm x 170 mm
        Weight:2,5 kg (without battery)



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