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Level measurement equipment with capacitive level transmitter

In the case of this level measurement equipment, the water level is determined via the change of capacity between an internal and external conductor. The capacitive level transmitter is installed in a PVC protective stilling pipe as protection from external influences, and in particular from waves. The data are exported via a voltage output with 0 to 1 V.

When combined with a UGT data logger with micro computer, the data can be recorded and after appropriate calibration the water level can be directly read out and an intelligent power management can be implemented. The reading out of the data from the logger takes place using an RS-232 interface.



  • Inexpensive



Technical Specifications

Measurement range: 0 … 1 m
Operating voltage:12 V
Operating temperature:0 ... 80 °C



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  194300 Level measurement equipment with capacitive level transmitter