Measure the Whole Range!

Compact weather station UGT

The UGT compact weather station is an inexpensive alternative to the standard weather station. The UGT weather station can be used both for continuous operation and for mobile use. The data are provided via the SVADSS online portal.

UGT compact weather station consisting of the following sensors and data connection:

wind speed

  • measuring range from 1 m/s -40 m/s
  • measurement accuracy ± 5%

wind direction

  • measuring range 2.5 ... 357,5 °
  • resolution 11.25 °
  • measurement accuracy ± 5 °


  • measuring range 0 ... 100% RH
  • measurement accuracy ± 2.5% RH

air temperature

  • measuring range -40 ... 60 °C
  • measurement accuracy ± 0.5 °C

global radiation

  • measuring range: 0 ... 2000 W/m²
  • sensitivity: 20mV per 1000 W m¯²
  • measurement accuracy 7%



  • measurement of soil moisture


rain gauge

data logger

  • measurement interval 10s to 4h statistics compaction possible


housing IP68


solar power supply 10W, support battery 12V / 25Ah

SVADSS Data Integration Box (exclusive SIM card)

SVADSS standard data service  for up to 10 channels:

  • storage of data in SQL database on SVADSS own server
  • data interrogation of the measuring devices up to 4x daily, data is available immediately after the query online
  • standard visualization over any time period
  • automatic validation and flagging of minimum, maximum and delta errors during the recording of measured values
  • current sensor status
  • standard statistics: Totals & Mean, minimum and maximum over day, week, month, year
  • data download as csv file by authorized customers or employees



      • compact design
      • transportable, light weight
      • perfect for accompanying measurements on Bachelor‘s and Master‘s theses
      • matched system
      • data retrieval via Internet, secure access
      • inexpensive



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