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Barometric pressure sensor

The baro transmitter is used to record the absolute barometric air pressure. The analog output signal can be evaluated for meteorological purposes or used as input signal for control systems and automatic controls. The prevailing absolute pressure is proportionally converted to a standardised electrical output value using electronics downstream of the piezoresistive sensor. The plastic housing is splashproof and protects the circuit from weather influences. A sinter filter connected underneath the housing permits the requisite pressure equalisation in the housing.



  • Inexpensive
  • Strong



Technical Specifications

Measurement range 900 ... 1050 hPa
Operating range:200 … 1060 hPa
Operating temperature:- 25 ... + 40 °C
Temperature faults:max. ± 0.006 % FS /K
in the range -20 ... 40°C
Output signal:0 ... 5 V DC
4 ... 20 mA  
0 … 20 mA
Linearity:± 0,5 hPa



Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  168100 Barometric pressure sensor