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Sieve set for sieve analysis

Determination of particle size distribution

Test set for granular composition
The particle size distribution of soil samples may be determined with the assistance of this set to classify the soil based on international standards. The granular composition of the representative sample obtained in this way can be determined applying an electromagnetic sieve shaker. The sieve shaker keeps the sample continuously in motion in order to obtain the best possible sieving results. The sieve shaker and the stainless steel mesh sieves are suitable for wet and dry sieving.


Mini hand sieves set (“pocket model”)
The mini hand sieves set is used for the determination of the particle size distribution of small quantities of soil in the laboratory and in the field. The set contains sieves, lids and receiver, brush and a storage bag.

  • Height 40 mm, with 6 replaceable sieves to DIN 4188 and international standards;
  • Ø 100 mm, mesh width: 2.0; 1.0; 0.500; 0.250; 0.125 and 0.063 mm



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Art.-Nr.:  152000 Test set for granular composition
Art.-Nr.:  153000 Mini hand sieves set (“pocket model”)




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