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Göttinger gouge augers

The Göttinger gouge augers have been developed for taking soil samples up to 90 cm depth and are primarily designed for soil sample removal with N-min tests.
The sampling is done by hand without the use of tools such as hammers or hooks.
The drill groove is manufactured from specially hardened steel adapted to the strong load, so that it is as thin as possible while still being robust and elastic.  
The sophisticated milled profile of the drill groove and the system of three drills matched in diameter minimizes the frictional force for pressing into and pulling out of the soil.  
This permits sampling using less force compared to conventional sampling equipment.

The Göttinger gouge auger set consist of three drilling rods (0-30 cm, 30-60 cm and 60-90 cm).

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Art.-Nr.:  232310  Set of Göttinger gouge augers, consisting of:
1 gouge auger for each of the three sampling depts (0-30cm), (30-60cm) and (60-90cm)





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