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Mobile vacuum & feed pump MVF-120

With the light, yet sturdy plastic housing with carrying handle at the top, this pump unit is specially designed for mobile use in the field. The housing is dust and jet water proof (class of protection IP65). The pump head of the diaphragm pump is made of hostalen and the diaphragm of neoprene. A vacuum regulator permits the stepless regulation of the pump. If necessary, the pump can be used for suction or pressing purposes when the appropriate hose connection is selected. The power supply for an autonomous operation in the field is provided by a position-independent accumulator with deep discharge protection. The charge state is inidcated by 3 LEDs.



  • Easily transportable
  • robust
  • Independent of power supply




Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Suction power: 9,0 l/min

0,85 bar

Regulator: -0,1 ... -0,9 bar
Voltage supply: 12 V DC / 6,5 Ah storage battery
Operation duration:: approx 8 h (normal operation)
Charging socket: 13,8 V DC, 600 mA
Degree of protection: IP65
Own weight: 5,0 kg



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Art.-Nr.:  124000               Mobile vacuum and conveyer pump MVF-120




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