Gouge augers

Gouge augers

Drillings and soil samples allow an insight into the structure of the soil. In adaptation to different soils and specific requirements for the samples, we offer a variety of different drills. Appropriate accessories facilitate the usually physically heavy work of sampling and improve the quality of the samples.

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Things to know

Application of our gouge augers

The drills are inserted vertically into the soil and are used to take soil samples and to study the sequence of soil horizons. When taking soil samples with drills, the soil stratification is maintained.

However, the extent and quality of a drill core can vary greatly depending on the technology used. Soil structure can be affected by compaction, wall friction, shear forces, etc. during sampling, sometimes to the point that the sample is no longer undisturbed. Carryover can also cause disturbances in the original stratification sequence.

Information about soil-internal processes

If sampling is successful, you can directly determine the horizon of a soil optically. This already provides information about soil-internal processes, such as material redistribution. You can take soil samples from the different soil horizons. You can determine physical and chemical parameters on these samples, which provide direct or indirect information on the relevant issue.

The comparison of the parameters at different depths allows you to make statements about the soil stratification, but also about the distribution of water and nutrients or pollutants in the soil as well as the depth of anthropogenic influences.

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