In-Situ Aqua TROLL 600 MP

In-Situ Aqua TROLL 600 MP

Item no.: 5050204

Advantages at a glance

  • 1 meter for all applications
  • >9 months battery life
  • active and passive antifouling system
  • reliable data acquisition and large memory
  • view measurement results immediately and send as e-mail

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In-Situ Aqua TROLL 600 MP

The Aqua TROLL 600 is a powerful multi-parameter probe with internal logger and battery supply. Like the Aqua TROLL 500, it has 4 slots and can be flexibly equipped with the market-leading drift-resistant in-situ smart sensors. With the AT 600 you have all the options: Robust in groundwater and corrosion-resistant in surface water, it is ideally suited for long-term monitoring - as a stand-alone logger or together with the VuLink telemetry unit

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth® interface with your Android™ device (using the VuSitu Mobile app) and the internal battery, the AT600 is also an ideal field device for spot checks and sampling. 

Probe features 

- LCD display for visual check of battery, sensor and memory status. 

- Integrated Bluetooth interface, RS-485/MODBUS, SDI-12  

- Field-proven design with corrosion-resistant housing. Two-sided titanium protective cage serves as a storage cap/ 50 mL calibration cup. 

  • Low calibration effort due to drift-stable sensors 
  • The compact size enables use in level tubes from 5 cm / 2 inch diameter. 
  • Versions: with vented/ unvented/ without pressure sensor in the probe body. for various pressure ranges up to 200 m.   

See data sheet for measuring ranges and accuracy of the sensors.

- Optional anti-fouling system: The programmable double-sided anti-algae wiper integrated into the probe head automatically cleans all sensors for reduced maintenance and a longer service life. The protective basket with copper coating serves as a passive anti-fouling system. 

In-situ platform 

The AquaTroll 600 has the usual advantages of the in-situ measuring platform: simple and low-maintenance use and calibration of the probes, and the proven corrosion-resistant probe design with titanium protective cage. The extremely stable and length-true Rugged Troll cables with the patented titanium bayonet connectors are available in any length and can also be subsequently coupled/extended using the Rugged Cable Splitter/Cable Extender. The easy-to-use free VuSitu app for Android/Apple provides instant data, graphs, measurement logs, GPS coordinates and auto-calibration, as well as simplified routines for log setup or creating sampling protocols.  

The Troll range combines market-leading water quality sensors with smartphone mobility by allowing you to collect and analyze data using the VuSitu Mobile app on your Android™ device. Alternatively, the data can be read out via the Windows software Win-Situ on the PC or via the HydroVU Online Portal. 
Nitrate (ion-selective) 

The AquaTroll probes can be flexibly equipped with the market-leading, drift-resistant in-situ smart sensors. The calibration is stored directly on the sensor head. This means that the sensors can be inserted into any AquaTroll 500 - 800 in any slot with a flick of the wrist and used immediately. The robust sensors can be replaced quickly and easily, even when wet.  

Available sensors:  

  • Temperature/ conductivity/ TDS combined sensor 
  • pH/ORP combination sensor 
  • Turbidity sensor 
  • Optical oxygen sensor (RDO®) 
  • Chlorophyll-a (fluorimeter) 
  • Blue-green algae: Phycocyanin & Phycoerythrin (Fluorimeter) 
  • FDOM (Fluorescent Organic Matter, Fluorimeter) 
  • Crude oil sensor (fluorimeter) 
  • Uranine/Fluorescein (Fluorimeter) 
  • Ammonium (ion selective) 
  • Chloride (ion selective) 
  • Nitrate (ion selective) 
Operating temperature: -5 to 50 °C
Dimensions: Ø 4.7 cm / Length 59.2 cm (includes connector) With bail: 72.9 cm
Weight: 1.45 kg (includes all sensors, batteries and bail)
Wetted materials: PC, PC alloy, Delrin™, Santoprene™, Inconel™, Viton™, Titanium, Platinum, Ceramic, Nylon
Cable options: Vented or non-vented polyurethane or vented Tefzel®
Output options: RS-485/MODBUS, SDI-12, Bluetooth®
Memory: 16 MB internal memory + 8 GB micro SD card (included, user replaceable)
power supply:
2 internal user-replaceable Alkaline D batteries
>6 months typical with wiping
>9 months typical with no wiping
power supply:
8-36 VDC (not required for normal operation)
Sleep: 0.10 mA typical
Measurement: 15 mA typical, 45mA Max
  • Wireless TrollCom
  • Wiper 
  • VuLink 
  • In-Situ Troll Cable Extender 
  • In-Situ Troll Cable Splitter 
  • In-Situ Troll Desiccant Cartridges 
  • Low Flow System (flow cell) 

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