In-Situ VuLink

In-Situ VuLink

Item no.: 5050152

Advantages at a glance

  • Automatic detection of the in-situ devices
  • Small diameter, ideal for groundwater monitoring wells
  • Internal SIM card
  • Two to fiveff times the battery life of other devices

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In-Situ VuLink

VuLink is the new telemetry unit for the Aqua TROLL, Rugged TROLL and Level TROLL in-situ level and multiparameter probes. It is easy to set up, can be used anywhere, and is particularly economical for a long self-sufficient power supply.

What can the VuLink do?

  • Displays battery status, device connection, network reception as well as the HydroVu server connection
  • Globally deployable; works with all networks that support LTE-M1/NB-IoT, while maintaining compatibility with 2G
  • Internal SIM card; in the basic tariff, data is freely sent to the HydroVu portal or to your FTP server (1 transmission per day, hourly measurement), alternatively, external SIM card can also be used
  • Two to five times longer battery life compared to other devices (for more than two years of battery life with 15-minute reporting intervals) due to energy-saving M1 and NB-IoT technology
  • No device-specific, expensive batteries needed, runs on standard D-cell batteries

What do I use the VuLink for?

  • Long-term monitoring in groundwater monitoring wells
  • Remote monitoring of river levels or drinking/spa water quality in lakes
  • Installation on measuring buoys
  • Stormwater management and urban drainage
  • Landfill monitoring, mining remediation, industrial wastewater

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Durchmesser 4,7 cm, Länge 48,5 cm


3 D-Zellbatterien, empfohlen: Li-MnO2. Laufzeit bis zu 12 Jahren bei 24h Sendeintervall


Modbus/RS-485, Puls
bis zu 8 In-Situ Geräte, externe Geräte über Load-Bearing Adapter
Geräte-Setup über Bluetooth, mit der VuSitu-App


Interne und externe SIM-Karte (Nano-SIM)
Nutzung des HydroVu Portals oder Datenübertragung auf externe FTP-Server


Belüftung durch eingebaute Kapillare, eingebauter Luftdruck- und Temperatursensor


Sendet bei Überschreiten von Schwellenwerten Alarm an den Server / per SMS ans Handy

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