In-Situ WaSP Submersible Pumps

In-Situ WaSP Submersible Pumps

Item no.: 5050601 (WaSP-F1 Flow Controller) Item no.: 5050602 (WaSP P2 12 V 9.5 l/min) Item no.: 5050603 (WaSP-P3) Item no.: 5050605 (WaSP-P5) Item no.: 5050621 (WaSP-N21)

Advantages at a glance

  • benutzerfreundlich
  • preiswert
  • durchgehendes Pumpen
  • gleichmäßige und kontrollierte Förderraten
  • lange Lebensdauer

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In-Situ WaSP Submersible Pumps

These simple to use 12V submersible pumps provide the flow rates and control needed to purge and sample groundwater from boreholes at depths of up to 30 metres. The Waterra range of WaSP 12V submersible pumps are used to purge and sample groundwater from boreholes. They are simple to use, and with the addition of a WaSP-F1 Low Flow Controller, provide the groundwater professional with the ability to sample at low or high flow rates.

The optional Waterra WaSP-F1 low flow controller is the ideal accessory for the WaSP 12V submersible pump. The pumps are also characterised by their long service life of 400 hours. This is up to 100% longer than that of pumps from other suppliers.

Good to know:

  • P2, P3 and P5 have an outer diameter of 46 mm and are therefore suitable for measuring points with a diameter of 50 mm or more. The N21 can be used for narrower measuring points.
  • Every pump is delivered with a sufficiently long lead so that its maximum delivery height can be utilised no cables need to be joined together.
  • All pumps require connection hoses with 10 mm inner diameter, hoses and cable ties must be ordered separately.
  Einheit WaSP P2 WaSP P3 WaSP P5 WaSP N21
Material   PVC PVC PVC PVC
Maximum Lift m 12 18 30 21
Maximum Flow l/min 9.5 12 14 9
Duty cycle   Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous
Pump diameter mm 46 46 46 37
Pump body length mm 241 381 610 406
Max. Amps amp 7 11 15 4
Discharge tube (ID) mm 10 10 10 10
Supplied cable m 15 21 33 24

5050900 - WaSP LDPE-Schlauch, Meterware (bis 50m max.)

5050519 - Waterra Tube Cutter

5050648 - WaSP high flow HDPE-Schlauch, 30 m

5050649 - WaSP HDPE-Schlauch, 30 m

5050650 - WaSP HDPE-Schlauch, 100 m

5050651 - WaSP high flow HDPE-Schlauch, 60 m

5050652 - WaSP HDPE-Schlauch, 60 m