Lab lysimeter

Lab lysimeter

Advantages at a glance

  • small lysimeter for laboratory use
  • controlled experiments, more accurate results
  • expandable on customer request

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Lab lysimeter

To complement our lysimeter product line, we have developed a laboratory scale solution. The laboratory lysimeter is a small weighable lysimeter station, suitable for monoliths with a diameter of 200 to 800 mm and a height of 200 to 1.500 mm and indoor investigations. It is suitable for both disturbed (filled by hand) and undisturbed soil monoliths (special sampling devices).

We offer laboratory lysimeters in a variety of configurations. Each laboratory lysimeter system is customized to fit the planned project.

Possible measurement parameters are:

  • Weighing
  • Lower limit control
  • Irrigation
  • Water content of the soil
  • Soil temperature
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Soil pore sampling
  • Redox
  • pH value

Soil processes on a laboratory scale

Lysimeters are an important tool for investigating the water balance in agriculture, forestry and other ecological issues. In combination with precipitation measurements (sprinkler system) they allow the quantitative determination of the current evapotranspiration of vegetation-covered or vegetation-free soils.

Our laboratory lysimeter is a small lysimeter, which we have designed especially for laboratory use (indoor). Design, construction and functionality are always fully adapted to the study objective.

Studying soil processes on a laboratory scale has several advantages:

  • the controlled environment allows more accurate experiments
  • the scale can be adapted to a wide range of processes
  • it allows shorter experiment times compared to field studies
  • different materials can be incorporated quickly

Structure of our laboratory lysimeter - optionally expandable

The compact laboratory lysimeter consists of a lysimeter vessel, a weighing system and a set of high precision and accurately fitting soil hydrological sensors and a control station each.

The UGT laboratory lysimeter can be extended by a tension- and time-controlled suction probe system for automated control of the pore water extraction module and the lower lysimeter rim module, and by a sprinkler system.

The basic module is always the lysimeter vessel, which can be filled manually with a disturbed soil, but can also contain an undisturbed monolith. For laboratory purposes, a plastic jacket is usually used.

Laboratory lysimeter

dimensions lysimeter vessel

H=500mm iØ 300mm; aØ 315mm

power supply

230 V/ 50 Hz with backup battery 12 V/6,5 Ah



Base plate with open outlet


Polypropylen, conical, with outlet opening, Ø300 mm


grid plate with appropriate mesh size to prevent from loss of soil

Weighing system

load cell

platform-cell, V2A



max. load

150 kg

operation temperature

- 10…+40°C

Tipping counter



4 ml, polyamid

Volume flow

1.0 l


w = 210mm, H= 220mm d=255mm

SMT 100


max. 3 pc

measurement range soilmoisture

0-60 %vol (0…100% mit begrenzter Genauigkeit)

resolution soilmoisture

± 1% vol

accuracy soilmoisture

± 3 % Vol

measurement range temperature

 -40 ... +60 °C (soil temperature)

resolution temperature

± 0.2 °C

accuracy temperature

± 0.8 %

signal output

2x analog (0-1V), digital SDI 12/ RS485

Tensio 160


max. 3 pc

measurement range

+ 20…-89 kPa

signal output

0….1 V DC, 4-20mA

supply voltage


dimension standpipe

Ø 12mm; lengths 10 cm, stainless steel

suction probe

suction probe with ceramic

3 pc., L=10cm, delivery and vacuum pipe


acrylglas, Ø 20mm


P80; 20x50mm

duran glass bottle (optional)

3 pc, 500 ml, GL 45,

lid (optional)

3 pc, with silicon seal, hose couplings, special water shut-off valve, hose connections

Bottle magazine

stainless steel

control station pore water sampling

integrated in the lysimeter control station

lysimeter-control station



DT 80M; web-based interface, data storage and transmission, software, optional customer-specific programming

signal output digital

8 I/O´s, SDI-12, RS232, RS485

signal output analog

bis zu 15 (± 50V)


Web & FTP Client/ Server, LAN, USB


PG screw connections, protective roof, fittings for mast mounting

Modul pore water extraction system tension- and time controlled suction probe system (optional)


3 pc. electric diephragm pump, four control levels

suction capacity

0,4 l/min

electronic vacuum regulators

3 pc, up to 0,6 bar

control station

integrated in the lysimeter control station

Modul lower boundary condition  tension- and time controlled suction probe system (optional)

suction plate

HDPE, Ø 300mm

nylon membran pore size

30 µm

Bubble point

> 1 bar


electric diephragm pump, four control levels

suction capacity

0.4 l/min

electronic vacuum regulator

1 pc, up to 0.6 bar

control station lower boundary

integrated in the lysimeter control station

Modul irrigation system

Irrigation rate   l/h


UGT – 3 layer-filter gravel


fraction 1 particle size

0,1 …0,5mm

fraction 2 particle size


fraction 3 particle size