Lysimeter station

Lysimeter station

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Lysimeter station

Our lysimeter stations in the patented containment design (patent no.: 199 07 463) are available to you as single or multiple stations. They comprise one or more lysimeter vessels with a diameter from 500 mm. The lysimeter depth is variable depending on the lysimeter diameter.

A lysimeter station consists of:

  • A pressure water-tight PE-HD welded construction with (common) base plate and cover plate with openings for the lysimeters
  • PE-HD lysimeter outer vessel with an outer diameter of 1,380 mm
  • Single lysimeter with variable lysimeter depth and cross-sectional area

Delivery and installation of the lysimeter station

Your lysimeter station will be delivered by a freight forwarder and installed at your desired location by our trained UGT personnel. The installation of your lysimeter station includes:

  • Excavation of the pit
  • Preparation of the concrete subgrade
  • Placement of the lysimeter station and backfilling
  • Installation of the load triangles
  • Insertion of the lysimeter vessels
  • Professional installation of the weighing equipment
  • Professional installation of the sensors
  • Installation of the data acquisition technology and the power supply
  • Installation of the radio data transmission
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Instruction in the function of the entire station

Maintenance and service of the lysimeter station

In order to be able to ensure a continuous recording of the measurement data and thus to avoid possible data failures, we recommend a maintenance of the complete system twice a year. Our maintenance and service includes

  • Functional test
  • Plausibility tests of all sensors based on the data records
  • Checking the calibration function of the sensors, recalibration if necessary
  • If necessary, filling of tensiometers that have run dry (removal, cleaning, filling and reinstallation of the sensors)
  • Check of the control functions
  • Check of the data acquisition and transmission unit
  • Check of the power supply
  • Cleaning and checking of the level controls

If defects are found during maintenance that cannot be repaired on site or if devices have to be replaced, a separate quotation will be prepared in consultation with the customer.