NB-IoT Plug'n Play Weather Station

NB-IoT Plug'n Play Weather Station

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible, lightweight and affordable weather station
  • Modern data transmission via NB-IoT
  • Data retrieval and data management via SVADSS data management system
  • Expandable

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NB-IoT Plug'n Play Weather Station

The NB-IoT Plug'n Play weather station monitors general weather conditions, e.g. in agricultural projects.

The station is equipped with the following sensors:

  • Air temperature gauge
  • Humidity meter for relative humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Rain gauge
  • Anemometer
  • Wind direction meter
  • Leaf moisture meter
  • Optional global radiation

What is NB-IoT?

The special feature of the weather station is the use of a NB-IoT logger. By this the measured data are not stored on the logger, but sent by radio. The data transmission is especially suitable for the IoT (Internet of Things). The IoT is a network of devices ("Things") that have the ability to exchange data. As in the general Internet, there is a central infrastructure that can be used freely via various protocols. Constant availability of the data receiving point (server) is therefore essential for the uninterrupted operation of the metering points.

The NB-IoT Plug'n Play weather station sends the data to a central server. For this purpose, a narrow, power-saving band (NB = narrow band) of the mobile network reserved for IoT data is used. For this reason, every NB IoT logger must have a (virtual) SIM card. You then retrieve your data from the central server via your personal SVADSS portal.

Note: The NB-IoT loggers must be individually programmed with the correct network settings for use in different regions or countries. Therefore, they cannot be used all over the world without customization.



Air temperature, pressure, humidity meters

Radiation shield housing dimensions

180 x 95 mm

Radiation protection housing Protection class



180 g

Temperature accuracy

0,5 °C, Range -40…85 °C

Humidity accuracy

+/-3 %, 0…100 % RH

Air pressure

300…1100 hPa

Leaf moisture meter

Meander resistance measurement

300…65.000 Ohm

Rain meter


Ø116 mm, Höhe 137 mm


230 g

Pulse counter

1 mm rain per tilt

Collecting opening

50 cm²


Wind speed

0…150 km/h (impulse counter, 1 impuls = 2,4 km/h)

Wind direction meter


Wind directions

8 (0 = 90, 1 = 135, 2 = 180, 3 = 225, 4 = 270, 5 = 315, 6 = 0, 7 = 45)

Installation pole


2,0 m

Data transfer

Supported LPWAN standard

NB-IoT (on request: LoRaWAN)


Power supply

3,6 V lithium battery 14505(M)

Power consumption

<3,5 uA in "deep sleep" / 250 mA when sending (NB-IoT)

Battery life

ca. 25.000 transfers

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