Root sampler

Root sampler

Item no.: 2346001

Advantages at a glance

  • suitable for forest soils rich in roots
  • very tough
  • large sample core volume
  • large access to sample core

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Root sampler

The root sampler was specially designed for addressing forest soils. It allows soil samples to be taken despite the presence of roots, which are then openly available for addressing. During drilling, the root sampler, as a solid tube, is particularly stable compared to conventional drill augers or soil samplers. The attached cutting ring cuts through any existing root system (only up to a certain stability). The half-sided opening of the tube allows easy access to the drill core afterwards. Furthermore, this sampler offers a large sample volume, so that enclosed root system can be considered as part of the sample.

How does our root sampler work?

The drill itself consists of two half-shells with a circumferential, smooth cutting ring and a clamping flange, which ensures a firm connection of the two half-shells during drilling. For insertion of the root sampler into the soil, as well as for easier recovery, an impact head with a transverse hole is screwed on for insertion of a toggle or a pulling aid.  The standard version of the root sampler is made of stainless V2A steel and is available in two sizes. 

  • Small: specimen length 300 mm / inner diameter 50 mm
  • Large: specimen length 600 mm / inner diameter 80 mm

However, in the case of specific customer requirements, the dimensions may deviate from these standards.

Root sampler

Diameter x length

Øa 89 mm x 701 mm


7,75 kg



Diameter cutting edge

Ø 81 mm

Length viewing window

570 mm

Angle viewing window




Galvanized steel with PVC handle


0,7 kg

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