SVADSS-Talking Tree

SVADSS-Talking Tree

Item no.: 5600086 (SVADSS-Talking Tree-SF-2022 Setup fee data management) Item no.: 5600087 (SVADSS Data Management for one Talking Tree, without camera data)

Advantages at a glance

  • Data service independent of your sensor, logger or IT environment
  • State / event system for sensors and data loggers
  • If required, we can support you with the daily maintenance of the test facilities
  • Your data portal can be extended at any time for further measuring equipment

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SVADSS-Talking Tree

For our Talking Trees (TTree) we offer a SVADSS compact package. It contains among others:

  • Setup fee
  • Data of all sensors of the basic configuration
  • Standard visualization
  • Standard statistics
  • Data download