Tensio 152

Tensio 152

Item no.: 1057000

Advantages at a glance

  • resistent gegen aggressive Medien
  • frostsicher
  • ganzjähriger Messbetrieb möglich
  • hohe Langzeitstabilität
  • wartungsarmer Betrieb

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Tensio 152

he Tensio 152 is especially developed for challenging applications. The stainless steel membrane sensor is more durable and more resistant against aggressive media. The Tensio 152 is therefore particularly suitable for contaminated and extremely saline soils.

What can the Tensio 152 do?

When installed, the Tensio 152 is also frost protected because the pressure transducer is situated directly above the ceramic cup and the water tank is therefore exclusively at the depth of installation. The plastic standpipe (PVC Ø = 25 mm) minimizes temperature conduction from colder soil layers. The Tensio 152 freezes with the ground when installed in soil layers near to the surface, but on thawing is immediately functional again and continues the measurement. This means it can be used throughout the year and for long-term monitoring of the soil moisture tension.

The ceramic cup and standpipe are connected to each other by a transparent acrylic adapter which enables air bubbles to be easily detected. The integrated filling screw permits simple refilling of the tensiometer, which can be carried out by the customer himself.

Tension range: -30 ... 100 kPa
Working temperature range: 0 ... +50 °C
Accuracy: 0,2 kPa
Available standpipe lengths: Customised lengths on request
Integrated SMD amplifier
(signal output):
0 - 1 V DC
Integrated temperature sensor:

Pt 100, -30 ... + 50°C, 1/3 DIN

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