Tensio 153e

Tensio 153e

Item no: 1060000 (100 cm) Item no. : 1060003 (incl. SDI-12) Item no.: 1060005 (150 cm)

Advantages at a glance

  • external refilling port
  • resistant to aggressive media
  • can be left in the field throughout the year
  • good long term stability
  • low maintenance operation

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Tensio 153e

The Tensio 153e is based on the Tensio 152, but features an external refilling port. The proven ceramic of the Tensio 152 with a large contact surface is combined with the possibility of refilling the tensiometer without removing it from the soil. This eliminates the potential disturbance of the surrounding medium. Due to the external refilling, the Tensio 153e is filled with water up to the ground surface level.

Tension range: -30 … +100 kPa
Working temperature range: 0 ... +50 °C
Accuracy: ±0.2 kPa
Available standpipe lengths: Customised lengths on request
Signal output: 0 - 1 V
Cabel lengths: 5 m (10 m, 20 m)

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