Item no.: 1188200

Advantages at a glance

  • wireless and fast measurement
  • Data transmission via Bluetooth
  • data analysis via UGTblue app
  • internal logger
  • long battery life

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The UMP-2 BT+ Combi Sensor is the wireless version of the UMP-2 model. The sensor has an internal logger for data storage and thus enables stand-alone operation without disturbing cables or external loggers. Data gaps due to defective cables or cable corrosion are a thing of the past. Permanently disturbed soils, especially preferential flow paths, are reduced to a minimum. The transmission of the logged and live data is done via Bluetooth LE (low energy). The UMP-2 BT+ can be completely buried for vertical or horizontal installation.

What the UMP-2 BT+ can do

The UMP-2 BT+ determines soil moisture, soil temperature (°C) and soil electrical conductivity (mS/cm). Thanks to the internal power supply and the integrated logger,the sensor is suitable for long-term deployments in study areas where long cables and large measurement sites are impossible or disruptive. The UMP-2 BT+ goes into active state only for measurements, otherwise it is in standby mode to save capacity. The supply voltage is detected and continuous data recording is ensured. The sensor can log data autonomously for at least one year with a measurement interval of one hour.

Data evaluation on site

Reading out the data works quite simply via the UGTblue app. Any number of sensors can be registered and managed. The data are saved as *csv. Files on the cell phone or PC/laptop. You can send the data immediately, share it with colleagues or save it in a cloud. You can still visualize and manage the logged measurement data easily and quickly on site via the UGTblue app. Using the displayed measurement value tables or graphs, you can discuss filtered data and make adjustments while still on site. The UGTblue app can be installed on any Android smartphone or Windows-based PC/tablet/laptop.

All in one package

We also offer an outdoor-ready smartphone with the UGTblue app pre-installed and configured as part of our complete package.

Measurement frequency for water content: 120 MHz
Antenna length: 50 mm
Antenna diameter: 3 mm
Water content measurement range: 0 … 100 % Vol. water content
Water content accuracy: ±2%
Dielectric coefficient ? measurement range: 0 … 80
Electrical conductivity measurement range: 0,001 … 5mS/cm
Optional data extension to 40mS/cm possible
Electrical conductivity accuracy: ±1%
Soil temperature measurement range: -40 … +60°C
Soil temperature accuracy: ±0.5°C (across the entire temperature range)
Measurement volume: 1000 ml
Working temperature range: -40 … +60°C

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