WIP-Connection line

WIP-Connection line

Item no.: 1289098 (Connection line 5 m) Item no.: 1289099 (Connection line 10 m) Item no.: 1289100 (Connection line 15 m) Item no.: 1289101 (Connection line 20 m) Item no.: 1289102 (Connection line 25 m) Item no.: 1289103 (Connection line 30 m) Item no.: 1289104 (Connection line 35 m) Item no.: 1289105 (Connection line 40 m) Item no.: 1289106 (Connection line 45 m) Item no.: 1289107 (Connection line 50 m)

Advantages at a glance

  • easy connection of the WIP hub with the WIP master

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WIP-Connection line

The connection harness is used for easy connection of a WIP hub to a WIP master. It consists of a PA tube (aØ 12 mm) in which 3 capillaries as well as power and data cables are routed. The 3 capillaries are connected to the side ports in the valve block of the WIP hub and to a port in the valve block of the WIP master via color-coded connection nuts. The power and data cable is connected to the two multiplexer boxes via connectors.

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