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Scientific Data Software Systems

LysiData offers an integrated software system to meet varied and complex requirements of the (scientific) recording of measurement data. The modular structure of LysiData software systems offers an adjusted software module for virtually every technical and scientific requirement for the user friendly solving of daily tasks. LysiData software systems offers a uniform user interface also in heterogenous measurement environments independent of measurement technology used, the number of measurement points or the database system. It has been designed for the long term availability of measurement data, offers a clear assignment of measurement data to measurement points also after many years and can be adjusted at any time to extensions or changes in the measurement environment

The LysiData software system is composed of two main core areas:

  • A highly flexible database model to show your measurement environment and data in a persistent repository
  • A systems of integrated software modules which may be used and adjusted to your measurement equipment depending on size and requirements


LysiData software system offers modules for the following standard requirements amongst others: Data acquisition and evaluation, visualisation, simplified database administration, controlling, logbook, data mining, ...

There is only one system and one user interface for all tasks from data acquisition through to (scientific) pre-analysis.





Ordering Details:

Art.-Nr.:  214500    Software modul for single lysimeter station
Art.-Nr.:  214510    Software modul for double lysimeter station
Art.-Nr.:  214520    Software modul for quadruple lysimeter station




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