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You want to measure flow, water level, quality parameters or sediment load in your water body? We have the right solutions for you - and design the appropriate measurement concept with you.

Our products and measuring stations in the water sector include measuring technology for limnology, hydrology, groundwater level measurements down to a depth of 700 m, discharges and water consumption in urban areas or in forests, on and from landfills, or sampling and flow measurement in drinking water or sewage networks.

We offer comprehensive consulting and a wide portfolio of measuring instruments - see for yourself!

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Water topics

Flow measurement & Sediment load

Reliable detection of inflow or outflow of water is essential for the analysis of the water balance of natural (e.g.. scmall catchments) or technical (e.g., landfill) systems. The UGT GmbH offers various measuring systems for various applications, ranging from lysimters, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, streams, and other open channels as well as closed pipe systems.

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Water quality & Sampling

Water sampling is essential to obtain information about the condition of a water body or aquifer. Water level measurement is practical for flood warnings and planning water management facilities. We offer several well proven instruments from our partner In-Situ: the Rugged TROLL for measuring water level, pressure and temperature, the Aqua TROLL for measuring conductivity and temperature, the Level TROLL for measuring pressure and temperature and the telemetry unit VuLink.

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Isotopic analysis

The water isotope analysers from our partner Picarro are particularly well suited to this wide range of applications in the laboratory and in the field. The CRDS laser technology, which is shielded from environmental influences, offers the highest precision with minimal drift, coupled with field suitability and a variety of peripheral devices for sample collection and preparation.

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