Our Company

The Solutionists: We offer solutions

We do not see ourselves as salespeople, but as solution providers. Because innovative ways of thinking are needed right now: Climate change is massively altering the environment. Our ideas and products help to simulate climatic and ecological scenarios and thus develop sustainable solutions for the future. In doing so, we work closely with research institutions from all over the world.

30 years of experience and expertise

We are a medium-sized company that has been active in the field of environmental technology and monitoring for three decades. Our efficient team of scientists, engineers and technicians develops devices and processes with a high innovative content, which we combine as laboratory and field measuring devices to complex environmental measuring stations and system solutions - if needed together with our partners and subsidiaries SVADSS and agrathaer.

Our claim: More than standard

You have a good idea or a prototype? We always give your idea a chance and help you to realize it. Because in addition to our wide-ranging series production, we also develop and manufacture sophisticated customer-specific solutions.

What we offer

We offer scientifically based project consulting for the construction of measuring stations and lysimeter systems. This includes the conception and project planning of the metrological project equipment, but also the construction, installation and test run as well as the instruction and maintenance. In doing so, we always focus on your requirements.

In our in-house lysimeter station we can perform special tests for you. Simultaneous test runs with different objectives are possible on four weighable lysimeters with a cross-sectional area of 1 m² and a height of 2 m. Since the lysimeters are located directly on our premises in Müncheberg, our team can optimally supervise the experiments. We can also carry out the data acquisition and complete test evaluation for you or together with you.

After completion of the tests, we will gladly take over the dismantling of the lysimeters for you. Using a special lysimeter retrieval technique, the soil monolith is cut into any number of slices of different thicknesses in its full cross-sectional area. By using a high-speed diamond wire saw technique, the original structure of the monolith remains largely unaffected. Thus, additional investigations on soil development in the lysimeters as well as chemical-biological analyses on soil cores are possible. After securing these additional results, the lysimeter vessels are available undamaged for the cutting of new soil monoliths.

We would be pleased to support you in your project with the new development of measuring instruments and measuring methods or also the conception of measuring stations or measuring networks. From development to production to installation and test run, our team offers the support of individual sub-steps, but also of the entire project, in order to assist you with a combination of know-how and innovation.

Our team of scientists and technicians offers training and instruction for all our products for practical use under field and laboratory conditions. The spectrum of training courses ranges from maintenance, calibration and measurement instructions to plausibility checks and interpretation of the acquired data sets. Thanks to our cooperation partners, we can also offer these training courses internationally.

In national and international workshops, technical lectures on new measurement methods and instrument developments are held and suggestions and experiences are exchanged.

In addition to the planning of your experimental plants, we also support you in the evaluation of the data obtained. With the help of remote data transmission we prepare your data, compile them in graphics or tables and create a comprehensive evaluation. For large-scale plants we offer the creation and set-up of database systems according to your requirements.

Our focus

We develop, produce and sell measurement and diagnostic technology for soil, water, atmosphere and plants as well as modules for environmental monitoring. In addition, we set up soil hydrological measuring stations on agricultural, forest, peatland and aquatic ecosystems as well as monitoring and control stations on landfills, recultivated mining areas and special sites.

Our products

  •     Lysimeters and lysimeter stations
  •     extraction technologies for large-volume undisturbed soil monoliths as well as for soil columns of different dimensions
  •     soil hydrological and soil physical measuring devices
  •     climate measuring technology
  •     plant physiological measuring devices
  •     Erosion measuring equipment
  •     data acquisition devices as well as soil laboratory equipment

To the products

UGT in the movie

Our success stories

UGT is one of the world's leading manufacturers of environmental measurement technology and delivers to more than 1000 locations on all continents. For example, we support projects in the USA, Finland, South Korea or Australia.

18 patents on our environmental products

To date, we have acquired patent rights for 18 new developments. With the success of our international lysimeter projects, the name recognition and reputation of our company has increased all over the world.

Awards and exhibitions

This is demonstrated, for example, by our winning the Grand Prix of Medium-Sized Businesses 2020 and our participation in the World Exposition EXPO 2020 in Dubai as a member of the ARGE "German Pavilion". Here we presented our "Ecoworm", which is considered a milestone in the field of global change research and provides scientists with a modern tool.