Large DD-L diameter dendrometer

Large DD-L diameter dendrometer

Advantages at a glance

  • Stable fastening offers resistance to  wind, snow, falling branches and fruit
  • Ordering according to the size of the tree measured is possible
  •  Little pressure on the measurement point

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Large DD-L diameter dendrometer

The sensor is attached to the plant using a patented fastening method. This ensures it remains securely in place at the measurement point without exerting too much pressure on the measurement point. This model is suitable for determining the changes in diameters of plants with a diameter of 3-30 cm without damaging them.

The DD-L is supplied with 2 m cable as standard, but can also be supplied with special lengths as well as with different frame sizes for larger stem diameters on customer request. Data are recorded using an external data logger. The measurement instrument can also be connected to existing loggers at existing measurement stations.

Four diameter variants

  • DD-L1: with a measuring range of 11 mm for species with slow and average growth rates.
  • DD-L2: larger measuring range of 25 mm for fast-growing species.
  • DD-L3: larger measuring range of 50 mm for very fast-growing species.
  • DD-L1W (previously DDW): hermetically sealed to withstand extreme environmental conditions, e.g. high humidity, underwater, below snow cover, near the ground surface, elevated exposure to dust or corrosive agents (e.g. coastal sands, volcanic ash), etc. The DD-L1W is (suitable for trunk diameters between 3 and 20 cm)
Measurement range of plant diameter: 3 … 30  cm
(can be extended on request)
Resolution: Infinitely small
Sensor measurement range: 11 mm
Accuracy: ±2 µm (with 12 bit logger)

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