Logging band dendrometer DRL26

Logging band dendrometer DRL26

Item no.: 1701041

Advantages at a glance

  • Autonomous individual measurement instrument
  • No central logger is required
  • Continuous data series
  • No upper limit for the stem diameter

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Logging band dendrometer DRL26

You can now study the water balance of an entire tree even more easily and accurately. The Logging Bandendrometer DRL26 has its own self-contained data logger. The integrated lithium battery means that no external batteries or solar cells are needed to power the logger. This allows you to attach the dendrometer to a tree without any additional accessories.

Due to this individualized measurement, a wide variety of trees can be sampled in a larger study area, as there is no need to connect to a central logger. Investigations with a large spatial distribution, e.g. different growth or age structures, are facilitated by this.

Measurement of tree growth

The DRL26 dendrometer is also a very reliable and cost-effective method for accurately measuring and monitoring tree growth rates. The recording of stem diameter change with a resolution of 0.001 mm allows the observation of daily stem tissue fluctuations in response to short-term (micro-)climatic changes (e.g. diurnal cycles) in addition to long-term growth.

Daily stem tissue fluctuation data can be combined with sap flow data from the same tree to better correlate water use with an understanding of the tree's functional hydrology and/or specific treatment interventions. The DRL26 is a non-invasive measurement system with a rotational position sensor for continuous measurement of stem diameter and growth of the study tree.

Data logger for detailed analysis

The memory card installed in the data logger has a capacity of 50,000 measured values. For a storage interval at hourly intervals, this means data storage for four years. The internal lithium battery ensures power supply for five years in this case. The logger is environmentally sealed, and communication is via an infrared interface. A sophisticated MS Windows based software package, allows configuration of the logger, as well as detailed statistical data analysis.

Measurement range of stem diameter:  8 … ∞ cm
Resolution: Infinitely variable
Width of the band coil: 12 mm
Tensioning force: 15 … 20 N