PL-300 Field measurement instrument

PL-300 Field measurement instrument

Item no.: 1470000 (PL-300) Item no.: 1470100 (PL-300 Soil moisture probe UMP) Item no.: 1470200 (PL-300 Tensio150 Pressure transducer tensiometer)

Advantages at a glance

  • device for automatic determination of air conductivity
  • important supplement for recording hydraulic conductivity
  • 3 different measuring chambers or sample probe for field or lab
  • allows connection of soil moisture sensors and tensiometers
  • flexible use thanks to compact and robust design

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PL-300 Field measurement instrument

The PL-300 is a field measurement instrument to determine the pneumatic conductivity of soils. This value describes the water-free pore space of the soil and is a function of water content.


A defined air flow is generated using a measurement chamber in the soil volume investigated. The rate of flow is determined from the drop in pressure through a calibrated two stage measurement throttle in the PL instrument. The pressure difference above the soil volume is recorded by a further pressure sensor and supplies the pressure gradient of this flow. The pneumatic conductivity is calculated from these test parameters using the DARCY equation and shown in the instrument display.

The PL-300 also has connections for an electronic soil tensiometer and a moisture probe so that soil tension and /or soil moisture may be recorded parallel to each other. For this purpose, UGT provides a specially adjusted Tensio 150 tensiometer and a TDR moisture probe each with the suitable plug. The data of all connected sensors as well as the calibration data of the measurement chambers and a marking of the measurement point are saved and managed by a microcomputer within the instrument. Its compact and tough design make the PL-300 a practical and portable field measurement instrument.

Measurement chamber

In accordance with the requirements of the location, different measurement chambers are available:

  • PL-300 measurement chamber for homogenous flow according to dArCY with integrated pressure probe
  • PL-300 surface measurement chamber for inhomogeneous flow in undisturbed soil volume
  • PL-300 soil sample ring adapter for the measurement of soil sample rings

Measurement range for pneumatic conductivity

0.03 ... 30 cm/s

Measurement pressure

1 ... 3 hPa

Setting time

approx. 2 s

Diameter of the measurement chamber

72 mm

  • 1 x Device case with quick guide in the lid
  • 1 x Interface cable
  • 1 x Charger with plug
  • 1 x Measuring chamber

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