Ready-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic

Ready-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic

Item no.: 1802600 (Ready-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic Ø 300 mm) Item no.: 1802610 (Ready-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic Ø 500 mm) Item no.: 1802620 (Ready-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic Ø 800 mm)

Advantages at a glance

  • Removal of undisturbed soil monoliths for smaller lysimeters
  • Enables you to remove them independently
  • You are flexible in your planning
  • Cost-effective

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Ready-To-Go Monolith Extraction Basic

This removal technique is designed to allow you to independently remove undisturbed soil monoliths with a diameter of 200 to 1128 mm (1 m²) for Ready-To-Go Lysimeters. The individual parts can be easily assembled by the user before the soil monolith is picked up into the lysimeter vessel, dug out and sheared off. For removal, an empty lysimeter vessel with a cutting ring attached is slowly and evenly pressed into the soil by means of a hydraulic cylinder. The adjacent soil material is gradually removed with a spade. After successful excavation, the user can shear off the soil monolith himself with the shearing device and lift it out of the ground. When properly applied, the user obtains a soil monolith with undisturbed soil structure and minimal disturbance to the extraction site at low cost. The ability to remove soil monoliths independently provides the user with a flexible approach.

It is also possible to have soil monoliths removed using the Basic method by our trained UGT personnel. Or you can opt for our Lysimeter sampling technology for mineral soils with operation by our personnel. Benefit from the space-saving removal technology for undisturbed mineral or organic soils and bogs developed by UGT and practiced for many years. Your soil columns can be extracted with high precision, undisturbed soil structure and minimal destruction of the extraction site.

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