Soil sampler

Soil sampler

Item no.: 2351000 (100 cm³) Item no.: 2352000 (250 cm³)

Advantages at a glance

  • Ideal for use in terrain that is difficult to access
  • Can be used without additional aids
  • Particularly suitable for serial extraction in the field

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Soil sampler

The UGT soil sampler was specially developed for easy use of soil sampling cylinders with an internal volume of 100 cm³. It is ideal for use in terrain that is difficult to access.

How does our soil sampler work?

The soil sampler consists of a handle and a holder for the piercing cylinder. Both are connected to each other via a bayonet lock. A circumferential cutting edge on the underside makes it easier to press into the soil and reduces interference effects.

What does the device do?

The soil sampler is a mobile device for manually taking soil samples with a stainless-steel pricking cylinder (100 cm³ capacity). It can be used without additional aids and is particularly suitable for loose soils and hard-to-reach sampling locations. The handle transmits manual force well and the cylinder holder is easy to release. The soil samples can be taken both vertically from the soil surface and horizontally from a soil profile.

As no installation is required, it is particularly suitable for serial sampling in the field.

Overall dimensions


Length x width

27 x 17 cm


0,9 kg


Special steel alloy, glass bead blasted



Length x width

23 x 17 cm


0,25 kg


Special steel alloy

Cylinder holder



50 mm

Outside diameter

Ø68 mm


Special steel alloy, glass bead blasted

Cutting edge


Inner diameter

Ø56 mm

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