Item no.: 5600080 (SVADSS-SF setup fee SVADSS data management) Item no.: 5600098 (SVADSS-FTP-IoT 2022 Managed FTP service incl. setup for 1 year, 100 MB data transfer) Item no.: 5600081 (SVADSS-SF setup fee per additional logger / station in the SVADSS data management in a total offer ) Item no.: 5600082 (1 year SVADSS DM-20, Standard Data Management Standard up to 20 measuring channels) Item no.: 5600083 (1 year SVADSS DM-40 Standard, Standard Data Management up to 40 measuring channels) Item no.: 5600084 (1 year SVADSS DM-60 Standard, Standard Data Management up to 60 measuring channels) Item no.: 5600085 (1 year SVADSS DM-80 Standard, Standard Data Management up to 80 measuring channels) Item no.: 5600093 (SVADSS IoT Data Management, IoT for 1 year per measuring channel) Item no.: 5600088 (1 year SVADSS-FTP 2022, Managed FTP service incl. setup, 100 MB storage space per station) Item no.: 5600089 (SVADSS WIP 2022 - Web Integration Package: Installation fee for web integration on customer site) Item no.: 5600090 ( SVADSS EXT Extended Data Services, extended data management for min. 3 months) Item no.: 5600091 (SVADSS EXC Exclusive Data Services, exclusive data management for at least 3 months)

Advantages at a glance

  • Data service independent of your sensor, logger or IT environment
  • State / event system for sensors and data loggers
  • If required, we can support you with the daily maintenance of the test equipment
  • Standard, extended and exclusive data services
  • Your data portal can be extended at any time for further measuring equipment

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When using SVADSS, you specify your preferred transmission technology and decide on the number of measurement channels required. You also choose between the data service offers Standard Data Service, Extended Data Service SVADSS EXT and Exclusive Data Service SVADSS EXC. We will be happy to advise you on the various offers. Below you will find an overview of the three different data service offerings. The core element for you is the SVADSS portal, through which you can securely and easily view and retrieve your data online.
Standard data service

SVADSS offers you standard packages for the online data management service, which differ mainly in the transmission technology used.
Data processing of incoming data from the metering devices on the data server takes place 4 times a day, unless otherwise agreed. The data is available online immediately after the query.

Data transmission

  • MOBILE / NB-IoT / LoraWan: automatic data transmission via these modern transmission technologies
  • DSL / LAN: automatic data transmission via existing LAN / WLAN and customer's Internet connection
  • Manual: manual data dispatch or data upload by the customer, customer reads logger himself, no SVADSS portal

Services of the standard data service

  • Automatic or manual data acquisition
  • Storage of data in SQL database on SVADSS own server
  • Standard data visualization over any period of time
  • Automatic data validation of minimum, maximum and delta error during data acquisition
  • Current sensor status
  • Standard statistics: sums and average values, minimum and maximum over day, week, month, year
  • Data download as csv file by authorized customers or customer's employees

SVADSS EXT Extended Data Services - Extended Data Service

Extended data service modules are standard solutions that can be booked independently of the term of the agreed standard package. The minimum term is 3 months and can be cancelled monthly at any time thereafter. These include:

Sensor monitoring

  • Shorter intervals for data retrieval to use the online visualization for current sensor monitoring
  • Provision of other data formats and data models

Event management

  • Automatic processing of sensor and system events
  • Dispatch of status reports day / week / month
  • Dispatch of standard alarm messages

extended standard visualizations and evaluations

  • Comfortable visualization functions
  • Data visualization with sensor status
  • Consolidation to daily, monthly or yearly average values of several sensors
  • Statistic modules

The list of extended data services is constantly growing. Contact us for specific requirements

SVADSS EXC Exclusive Data Services - Exclusive Data Service

Exclusive data service modules are individual solutions that can be booked independently of the term of the agreed standard package, the minimum term is 3 months and can be cancelled quarterly at any time thereafter. These include:

Data import and archiving

  • Individual integration / consolidation of external, existing data repositories
  • Archiving and provision of data for download

Event management

  • Individual alarm and event systems, e.g. alarm message when soil moisture drops below 10
  • Integration of cumulative events, e.g. when air pressure drops + wind rises, thunderstorms are reported and, if necessary, the need for action is formulated

Logbook and servicing

  • Log creation and processing by the customer
  • Operator logbook in the portal
  • Recording of external events, e.g. warning / weather messages from DWD or soil moisture sensor data from other institutions
  • Calibration log and reminder function via the portal
  • Report generation from logs and servicing

Data visualization and evaluation

  • Individual visualizations and statistic modules
  • Provision of additional data areas for manually derived measurement data and levels (manual testing, recalibration, linearization, processing, etc. ...)
  • Development and integration of individual data models/processing

Data processing

  • Manual or automatic data validation according to customer specifications with test reports
  • QM check: quality reports of the sensors/measuring systems
  • Preparation scripts for the integration of data and visualizations into the customer website