TerraElute 20 Perkolation System

TerraElute 20 Perkolation System

Item no.: 1503000

Advantages at a glance

  • Two levels for 20-40 soil samples (1-3 kg each)
  • Fully automatically filling of the eluate fractions
  • Easily accessible sample racks
  • PLC control & color touch display
  • DIN 19528 is fully complied with

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TerraElute 20 Perkolation System

Our specially developed TerraElute 20 percolation system is a fully automatic laboratory device for the elution of solids according to DIN 19528. The laboratory device consists of an aluminum frame with two levels. In each level there are 10 sample racks or 20 sample columns.

This allows you to process 20 different samples with a dry weight of up to 3 kg simultaneously. In each case, 4 eluate fractions are obtained. With restrictions, 40 samples can be analyzed, with 4 fractions obtained in one half and one fraction in the other half. The 40 sample columns can be controlled individually.


  • Automatic and efficient execution of the percolation process in upward flow according to DIN 19528
  • 40 sample columns in 20 sample racks can be operated simultaneously and controlled individually
  • 20 detailed, 40 simple column tests or a combination of both are possible at the same time
  • For extensive column tests, 4 volume-dependent eluate fractions are automatically and sequentially collected in amber glass bottles (fraction bottles) with variable filling volume
  • Sample columns and bottles can be exchanged and reloaded independently of each other during operation
  • Both sample columns per sample rack can be processed in parallel
  • Barcode scanner as network-independent interface for data transfer to the TerraElute 20
  • Import of sample parameters for flow rate calculation via QR code
  • Barcode scanner for efficient recording and allocation of fractions to sample columns using QR and barcodes
  • Export of data for the test report
  • Color touch display: recognition of free positions for sample columns and bottles or finished columns and fractions

Calculated parameters

  • Pore fraction
  • Volume of sample
  • Flow rate for saturation [ml/min]
  • Flow rate for percolation [ml/min]
  • Eluate volume per fraction
  • Permanent control of the volumes of the fractions
  • Change times of fractions (only for the switching valve)
  • Sample column with double GLS80, borosilicate glass, approx. 1 kg filling volume (Article no. 5193373)
  • Sample column with double GLS80, borosilicate glass, approx. 2 kg filling volume (article no. 5193372)
  • Sample column with double GLS80, borosilicate glass, approx. 3 kg filling volume (Article No. 5193371)
  • Closing cap GLS80 made of PC with quick coupling (article no. 1503010)
  • Closing cap GL45 made of PC with quick coupling (article no. 1503011)
  • Amber glass bottles 2 and 5 l
  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Reference Set (Article No. 5170021) for low flow rates, incl.
    • 1 x flow sensor
    • 1 x connection set for direct connection to the TerraElute 20
    • 1 x split adapter cable IP6
    • 1 x converter
    • 1 x Plug-in power supply
    • 1 x Software

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