02. Mai 2022

Lysimeter installation at Pianosa island

In April 2022 a new RTG lysimeter was installed by our Italian partner Ecosearch at Pianosa island.

The research project is part of a larger initiative and explores water fluxes in a mostly undisturbed environment. Pianosa was chosen because not inhabited, and for its geological peculiarities. Rainfall is measured and sampled for isotopic analysis, and the same is done for percolation water in the soil. Freshwater wells in the island are measured and sampled for isotopic and conductivity analysis.

We provided the lysimeter to investigate water movements in the soil layer and to sample percolation water; together with this, we also provided a monitoring network to record water level, temperature and conductivity in 8 wells as well as main weather parameters. The whole system was connected to the Internet via a 4G router capable of VPN, the lysimeter was connected to this point by means of a wireless bridge.

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