Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

Item no.: 1802000 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 300/300 - V2A) Item no.: 1802001 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 300/300 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802010 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 300/600 - V2A) Item no.: 1802011 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 300/600 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802020 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 300/900 - V2A) Item no.: 1802021 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 300/900 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802030 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 500/300 - V2A) Item no.: 1802031 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 500/300 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802040 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 500/600 - V2A) Item no.: 1802041 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 500/600 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802050 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 500/900 - V2A) Item no.: 1802051 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 500/900 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802100 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 800/300 - V2A) Item no.: 1802101 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 800/600 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802110 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 800/600 - V2A) Item no.: 1802111 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 800/600 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802120 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 800/900 - V2A) Item no.: 1802121 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 800/900 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802130 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 1130/300 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802140 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 1130/600 - PE-HD) Item no.: 1802150 (Ready-To-Go Lysimeter 1130/900 - PE-HD)

Advantages at a glance

  • cost-effective
  • small, manageable without large machines and exportable
  • can be installed by the user himself
  • Ready-To-Go Lysimeter with 500 mm diameter can be combined with the UGT EcoLab Flex (use of the same monolith in the field and in the laboratory possible)

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Ready-To-Go Lysimeter

Small size with a lot of measurement technology

To complement our product line, we have developed a smaller and more cost-effective solution for field studies in addition to the large PE-HD lysimeter stations. The Ready-To-Go Lysimeters are small weighable lysimeter stations suitable for monoliths with a diameter of 300, 500, 800 or 1130 mm and a length of 300, 600 or 900 mm. All Ready-To-Go Lysimeters (RTG) are suitable for both disturbed (filling by hand) and undisturbed soil monoliths (special sampling technique). The entire RTG lysimeter station can be set up and put into operation without special tools and also without trained UGT personnel. The standard RTG system consists of a stainless steel lysimeter vessel, a weighing system, a leachate tank with tipping trough, a set of high-precision and accurate-fitting soil hydrological sensors, and a control station for each. With UGT sensors such as tensiometers, water content and temperature probes, and suction probes, we can help you study ecosystem function and effects. The RTG system can be extended by a pore water harvesting system and the UGT weather station module with climate sensors.

Water balance direct and reliable

In combination with precipitation measurements, the weighable Ready-To-Go Lysimeter can be used to directly and reliably determine the evapotranspiration of the site via the change in weight. With the highly specialized weighing system, you benefit from our wealth of experience in the field of lysimeter technology. This precise technology allows direct water balance investigations with a resolution of 0.01 mm. The detection of dew, snow and small amounts of evapotranspiration are no problem. Pore water can be collected manually or automatically with the UGT suction probe system at a maximum of 3 depths in the lysimeter. Equipped with a free outlet at the bottom of the monolith and an automatic submersible pump, Ready-To-Go Lysimeters also allow quantitative (tipping bucket) and qualitative investigation of the leachate.  The RTG system also allows switching from a free outlet with an open leachate valve to an RTG system with control of the lower boundary condition, where the safety water valve is closed.

Comprehensive insights into the "black box" soil

In addition to weighing, our Ready-To-Go Lysimeters are equipped with high-resolution, innovative tensiometer measurement technology. Tensiometer or suction stress measurements are fundamental to a comprehensive view of an ecosystem's water balance. Tension is a driving force for the movement of soil water. The worldwide novel and patented Full Range Tensiometer is a polymer tensiometer perfectly adapted to the requirements of Ready-To-Go Lysimeter technology. It covers the entire suction stress range relevant for plants up to 1500 kPa (pF 4.2). No filling is necessary. The measurement is reliable even in difficult media. Saline locations, such as in arid regions, are no problem as a result of the direct pressure measurement and with correct calibration. As an additional measured variable, the Full Range Tensiometer outputs the soil temperature.

Controlled conditions at the bottom

The recording of all water balance variables in the field is essentially determined by the groundwater. However, lysimeters and evaporimeters are isolated to the natural groundwater. With the Ready-To-Go Lysimeters of depths 600 and 800 mm, you can transfer natural conditions to the soil in the lysimeter using the lower boundary condition (LBC), a voltage- and time-controlled pumping system with reference sensors and suction candle ring. It is also possible to control independently of environmental conditions depending on the scenario.

Control and data acquisition

The execution of all control operations as well as data acquisition is provided by the control station. Furthermore, the power supply and the digital connection of all sensors and actuators are united there. It is possible to transfer the collected data via internet using the SVADSS online data management system.

Combination of field and laboratory tests

The Ready-To-Go Lysimeter with a diameter of 500 mm is adapted to our EcoLab Flex. The EcoLab Flex is a measurement system for studying ecosystem functions in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum in the laboratory. A monolith can first be used in the Ready-To-Go Lysimeter under field conditions and then for laboratory studies.

Service tailored to the customer

For the installation and maintenance of your measuring station, we accompany you and offer scientifically and technically sound service according to your wishes.

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