Gas measurement hoods

Gas measurement hoods

Advantages at a glance

  • Flexible and perfectly adapted solution for every project
  • Measurement under field conditions
  • Open systems: Little influence on vegetation, mobile
  • Closed systems: clearly defined measurement, high degree of accuracy
  • Can be combined with existing measuring equipment

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Gas measurement hoods

For the measurement of gas flows in the field

The detection of gas flows can be done in different ways. Gas measuring hoods have proven to be the reference method for recording gas flows. We offer the following variants for your project:

  • Open systems: They allow exchange over the upper rim and provide a measuring section underneath, where flow rates can be determined based on the gradient. The top opening ensures that the plants are affected as little as possible and that the temperature and gas composition differ little from the environment.
  • Closed systems: These can either be a fixed installation over a period of time to determine the accumulation or depletion of gas fractions, or a movable installation can accomplish a temporary closure to accurately determine the time-varying fluxes.

We offer a wide range of customized solutions, adapted to the plant stand and your problem. Contact us for your specific project. Especially in combination with Picarro gas analyzers (as open path or closed path application) accurate and customized solutions are available.

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