In-Situ Rugged TROLL 100 / 200

In-Situ Rugged TROLL 100 / 200

Item no: 5050058 Art.-Nr.: 5050027 (Rugged TROLL 200) Item no.: 5050035 (Rugged Baro TROLL)

Advantages at a glance

  • Long and short term monitoring
  • measures water level, pressure and temperature
  • easy commissioning
  • extremely durable

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In-Situ Rugged TROLL 100 / 200

The small Rugged TROLL level loggers have an unventilated ceramic pressure sensor and record the water temperature as well as the pressure. They have a diameter of 2.62 cm and are designed for long-term and short-term monitoring in groundwater and surface water, up to a maximum of 76 m water column. Thanks to the design with the completely sealed battery compartment and probe body made of titanium, the loggers are extremely durable and fail-safe for many years despite their low price.  

  • The RuggedTroll 100 collects up to 120,000 data records on the internal memory as a self-sufficient logger on a wire suspension in the measuring point and is read out after use via the docking station or the WirelessTroll device.  
  • With the RuggedTroll 200 you have the choice between self-sufficient/wired operation with or without connection to external devices (via Modbus RS485 /SDI-12), or remote data transmission using a VU-Link telemetry unit.
  • The Rugged Baro Troll has the same dimensions and connection options, but is used to record the air pressure in parallel with the absolute pressure measurements at the measuring point. Using the BaroMerge module in the free VuSitu/WinSitu software, the unvented pressure data from several RuggedTroll 100 or 200 can be corrected with the air pressure data from a Rugged Baro Troll. 
Operating temperature: 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Dimensions: 2.62 (OD) x 14.43 cm
Material: Titanium
Cable: Standard and custom lengths available
Power: Internal battery
(Lifetime 10 years or 2M readings)

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