Picarro SI2103 Ammonia analyzer

Picarro SI2103 Ammonia analyzer

Item no.: 5070224

Advantages at a glance

  • fast real time measurements
  • precise and accurate
  • robust and insensitive

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Picarro SI2103 Ammonia analyzer

The Picarro SI2103 laser spectrometer is the only instrument that can measure ammonia in environments as diverse as an agricultural test barn or under clean room conditions in semiconductor manufacturing. It has sensitivity in the ppb range, a wide dynamic measurement range, and provides a linear response well into the ppm range. No dilution, concentration or other sample preparation is required. Therefore, the SI2103 can be operated in remote, unattended air monitoring stations as well as used as a laboratory reference instrument. An additional measurement of the surrogate gas CO2 is used for validation, simplifying and replacing complex calibration procedures with difficult-to-use ammonia standards.


  • Sensitivity, precision and accuracy in the billionths range with virtually zero drift
  • Fast, continuous, real-time measurements with no interference
  • Wide dynamic range with high linearity
  • Field and laboratory use without consumables
  • Robust and insensitive to changes in ambient temperature