Item no.: 1865000

Advantages at a glance

  • Automated high resolution image collection
  • Undisturbed observation
  • Multi-scaling (from 21 x 30 cm to 50 µm)
  • Root chamber is open and can be planted and watered
  • Drain on the bottom allows seepage water drainage

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How are the roots growing in the earth?  How fast?  What is the movement strategy of worms in the soil? Soilinsight® makes it possible to observe and measure root growth during the entire vegetation / crop cycle.

With the University of Lorraine, UGT GmbH has jointly developed a new method for observing undisturbed soil in its development. Here soil and biological elements such as plants or worms are placed in a mini cosmos.

The device can be connected to a Windows-based laptop or laboratory PC, and scans images of the physical structure and biological components (plant roots, worms etc.) of the soil.
In contrast to the traditionally used stability tests and soil sampling, this new device enables continuous observation of the soil without disturbing it. The images of the development of the soil over a certain period of time can be combined into a movie with the help of graphical analysis software. This makes it possible to better study the soil dynamics, for example through the possibilities of zoom or time lapse.

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