Tensio 100 Mobile field tensiometer

Tensio 100 Mobile field tensiometer

Item no.: 1011000 (Field tensiometer set, standpipe length 30 cm) Item no.: 1012000 (Field tensiometer set, standpipe length 66 cm) Item no.: 1013000 (Field tensiometer set, standpipe length 90 cm)

Advantages at a glance

  • mobile field tensiometer
  • fast and easy measurement
  • well suited for teaching purposes
  • easy and safe to transport
  • robust construction

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Tensio 100 Mobile field tensiometer

The Tensio 100 is the root of UGT tensiometer technology and has been continuously developed over the past 25 years. It is a cost-effective tensiometer variant specially designed for simple and fast mobile determination of suction stress in the field. The field tensiomeer sets include a V2A pilot drill for quick installation, a double chamber insert sleeve for safe transport and a practical transport case for the entire set.

What can the Tensio 100 do?

The Tensio 100 displays the current prevailing tension via a mechanical pointer pressure gauge. The overview printed on the back of the tensiometer head allows a quick classification of the measured values even without expert knowledge. It is very well suited for short-term measuring campaigns with many measuring points, for example, for mapping the current tension distribution or for testing and optimizing the irrigation condition in agriculture, as well as for accompanying reference measurements for other sensors (for example, soil moisture) or as a basis for sampling. The tensiometer head is equipped with a pretensioning device to fix the tension value of the first measurement as the "start value" and to shorten the measuring time accordingly. This also serves to vent the tensiometer.

Filling instructions

The Tensio 100 set is explicitly designed for mobile tension measurement in the field. Accordingly, installation is simple. The necessary drill is included in the set and can be safely stowed with the tensiometer in the supplied insertion sleeve. The pre-drill and tensiometer are matched in length and shape. Simply drill to the desired depth with the pilot drill and then insert the Tensiometer into the prepared hole until the tip is pressed into the bottom of the hole. The Tensio 100 is designed for vertical installation.

The Tensio 100 always remains ready for use in the insertion sleeve and can be transported from one measuring location to another without the risk of drying out. In addition, the sleeve protects against damage caused by mechanical stress. If air bubbles form in the tensiometer during the course of a measuring operation, or if the tensiometer dries out, it can simply be refilled in the field. All that is needed is a container of water. No tools are required.

Due to the frequent installation within the planned application concept, there is an increased risk of damage to the ceramic candle.  For this reason, the ceramic of the Tensio 100 tensiometer can be easily and independently changed in the field.

Tensio 100      
Pressure measurement Precision vacuumeter    
Measurement range Tension 0 … +85 kPa    
Output unit    bar    
Accuracy 0,01 bar    
Resolution 0,01 bar    
Dataoutput Manual reading    
Interface /    
Data memory /    
Power supply /    
Degree of protection IP54    
Response time according to RICHARDS < 3 s

Operating temperature

0 … 40 °C
Length 24 mm
Diameter 10 mm
Air entry point >-85 kPa
Hydraulic conductivity 8.1x10-8 m/s  
Length 30 cm /60 cm / 90 cm / customised on request
Diameter (outer) 10 mm
Material V2A stainless steel

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