Full Range Tensiometer FRT 15D

Full Range Tensiometer FRT 15D

Item no.: 1080150

Advantages at a glance

  • Measurement of water tension and soil temperature
  • Fast response
  • Maintenance free
  • Low power consumption

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Full Range Tensiometer FRT 15D

Our Full Range Tensiometer not only measures water tension, but also soil temperature. You can use it stationary in the field for long periods of time. The low energy consumption in the measuring mode and the hardly necessary maintenance make the polymer tensiometer a perfect companion for your research.

What can the Full Range Tensiometer do?

The Full Range Tensiometer covers the entire water tension range relevant for plants, up to 1500 kPa depending on the design. In contrast to other systems for this measuring range, it does not determine the water tension indirectly as a derived variable but via a direct pressure measurement. It reacts quickly to changes in the suction tension. A pressure range of 1000 kPa is passed through in a few minutes. Even after drying out over the measuring range, the measurement is continued independently as soon as the humidity increases again. No filling is necessary.

Another advantage compared to other measuring instruments for the complete plant-relevant suction range is the low energy consumption (20 mA current in measuring mode). This makes the Full Range Tensiometer particularly suitable for remote measuring locations where regular maintenance and reliable power supply are not guaranteed. Data transmission via RS485 allows communication even in environments with increased risk of electromagnetic interference and over longer distances.

The measurement is reliable even in difficult media. Saline locations, such as in arid regions, are no problem as a result of the direct pressure measurement. The Full Range Tensiometer also outputs temperature as a further measured variable.

measurement range

-100 up to +1500 kPa (pF 4,2)

operating temperature

0 … + 40°C (soil temperature)

pH range

pH 2…pH 10

power supply

20 mA/5…20 V

interface/ output signal

RS485 Modbus


M12 sensor plug 4-pin


Ø 25 mm; L=150 mm

calibration range

4-30 °C (at 100% water saturation)

relative error

~35 kPa (relative to the entire measuring range)


tip conical

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